Planning A Backpacking Route Through Central America

After wanting to travel the world and do many adventurous activities on my travels, there just wasn’t the budget to travel the world and do all the adventurous activities in lots of different countries across the world. Instead I investigated the destinations that offered all the activities I wanted to do together in one place. Central America became the destination of my choice to visit and backpack around. There are seven Nations of Central America, all offering something a little bit different in the way of culture and activities. The Nations are: Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Central America is rising in popularity of being a great backpacking route. With lots of activities and different things to go and see for cheap costs, this is an ideal country to explore if you’re on a budget.
Source: Horseback riding in Central America My Recommended Places to visit across Central America: The Volcan Baru in Panama There are many volcanoes within Cent…

Prison Break, Backpacking & Hostels in Panama

Now that I have reached the milestone of my thirties, I have developed ever-increasingly itchy feet and have started to look into expanding my horizons and travelling to central and south America over the next year or two.

One country that I have always been keen to visit is the country of Panama, especially since a friend of mine visited and showed me his holiday snaps.

Every new travel adventure requires in-depth research, so here is my guide to visiting Panama.
The Starting Point Bocas del Toro As starting point I have chosen Bocas del Toro, it is a well-established tourist destination in Panama, with resorts dotted all over its Caribbean shores. However, it also has a large backpacking scene with a great variety of hostels. It is a great starting point, because it will ease the traveller into the idea of backpacking, but you still got the luxury of a sound infrastructure – in case you need it. The only drawback is that due to the touristic infrastructure things might be a little m…

The Changing of the Seasons: How I Get in the Mood for Autumn

It cannot be denied that so far in 2018 and we have been provided with two somewhat extreme versions of weather here in the UK. Earlier in the year we were gripped by the now infamous Beast from the East, which even extended as far south as London, and actually compelled commuters to avert their eyes from their smartphones and gaze up in wonderment at the sky.

Sadly though, us Brightonians had to make do with our usual half-day of sleet, while enviously having to see endless photos of idyllic scenes presented to us by the media.

However, those of us living by the sea got our revenge in the summer, and were treated to spending endless days lazing on the beach, boozing, swimming and firing up BBQs, while at the same time trying to dissipate relentless attacks from the local seagull population.

Yes, 2018 provided us with the pleasure of enjoying the joint-hottest summer ever this year in the UK, and it was a jolly good (but overdue) one it has to be said!

However, as we welcome in the…

An Essential Guide To 2018 Music Festivals


For most the arrival of warm weather and glorious sunshine is enough to lighten the mood, however for many it also brings the unrivalled excitement of music festivals.
Having been lucky to attend a few in my lifetime, there simply appears to be no let up in the popularity of festivals for attendees and artists alike. In 2017 there was a 12% increase in the number of people who attended live events, resulting in a wave of cash for the industry.
This popularity has seen the season stretch from early spring all the way through into winter with everyone from Ed Sheeran to the local pub band lining up for the chance to perform.
There are now literally hundreds of different all singing, all dancing events catering for all types of attendee’s and with the ever reliable Glastonbury taking a well-earned break, choosing a festival which will make all the effort, money and time off work worth it can be daunting prospect.
Thankfully in the digital age that we live in, there are guides to he…

The UK Teaching Crisis: Two New Tactics Being Deployed

At the beginning of May the UK marked its support for the teaching community with national teacher appreciation day, a day dedicated to sharing affection, both online and offline for the role that teachers undertake in society. Conversely in the subsequent weeks, newspapers have been rife with stories of a growing crisis in the industry. Between unmanageable workloads, growing class sizes or an inability to recruit qualified staff, it is difficult to see how sincere or heartfelt this appreciation really is.
The sense of crisis is supported by some recent stats. The department of education outlined that just under 40,000 teachers quit the profession in 2016, representing around 9% of the workforce. These departures have not been offset by a highly publicised recruiting drive, as there remains a shortfall of 30,000.
This shortfall results in a negative knock on effect for the schools. Less teachers results in classes being combined. These larger classes result in inefficient lessons…

Visiting Japan: Why You Need To Go Soon

Japan is a country that has garnered a reputation for itself as offering a rich culture infused with a modern and innovative society. This society quickly endears itself to the visitor and continues to draw in those who can’t help but want to learn more.

This is highlighted by the fact that Japan attracted a record number of tourists in 2017, with 28.69 million people visiting, resulting in an incredible increase of 19% compared to the previous year and the sixth consecutive yearly increase.

Large increases in the number of tourists can be attributed to substantial numbers visiting from fellow Asian countries, especially thanks to an increase in the number of budget flights from South Korea. This has been further supplemented by greater numbers of cruise ships arriving from China thanks to visa restrictions being lifted.
However, the appeal of visiting and spending time in Japan is not confined to Asian tourists, the combination of continued uncertainty back home and the rise of ‘Ego Tra…

Renovate to Rent or Spruce to Sell?

Following my parents decision to delegate the big responsibility of what will happen to our family home, to me – we have almost come to a final verdict. Renting is the strong contender here, but before anything is set in stone the property does needs some attention, whether we are selling or letting. It is structurally sound, however there are some aesthetic improvements that can be made to increase quality and efficiency of the property which will in turn increase the sale or rent value.
With becoming a landlord comes great responsibility and there are important regulations that need to be followed. For example, proprietors are expected to maintain the roof, windows, ceilings and walls to a safe and secure standard. Recently, there have been some horrifying renting stories of rogue landlords not maintaining their properties, which the government are now cracking down on, by introducing a brand new set of standards and regulations.
Period Property Problems

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